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Lord, with the beginning of a new school year and all the drama, excitement, and plurality of world views that our children in every grade will face! Please allow our children to know that you(Jesus) are indeed the only one true God that loves them and will keep them this year. Give them and their parents the courage this year to stand boldly for you as the enemy seeks to undermine your plans for their lives. Lord Jesus, become more real to the minds and hearts of our children as they seek their education through the public and private school systems of our City. Lord, please give courage to those Christian Teachers who will govern our Children this year. Courage to stand for you Lord in principle or in actual situations where they are confronted with the enemy of our soul! Watch over all the parents of our children they they too will be the godly model for their children in Christ in order that they may know the reality of your requirement in real time situations! There is more on my heart Lord, but not enough space and time to express it all here. So, I leave them all in your mighty hand! Knowing that your hands are big enough to hold us all!!! In Jesus name I make this petition!!! Amen and Amen again.

- Pastor Roy Smith