Being Christian

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Allow me to STRESS a very definitive point of concern I have as it relates to those who define themselves as being a Christian! You cannot live like the world! Party, get drunk, curse, etc, etc.
You cannot live with no distinction between the way you live and behave as a Christian and the way the world lives and behaves and mark yourself as a Christian. It's not rocket science! It is simple deduction. If your fruit (the way you walk out your life) does not define you as Christian? According to the standard of the Bible, not your own created design!! It is not likely that you are! If your public life and your private life cannot shake hands? It is not likely that you are a Christian. It is frustrating to me that people think that because they go to a church, or work in the church, or preach, that that qualifies them as Christian? Don't be deceived!!! If you live like HELL!! You will die and go to where you made eternal preparation to be!
Now, on the other side, if you live like you belong to God and pursue His agenda? Then know that you are making eternal preparation to spend eternity with the God you love and live for!!
Maya Angelo stated " If a person show you who they are! Believe them!!" 
And Jesus said it best, " You will know a tree by its fruit"

Simply Thinking!!!!

- Pastor Roy Smith