See You at the Pole

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Good morning all!!

If what I am about to say does not apply to you! Please just let it go over your head.
This morning was "National See You At The Pole Day" for public schools. This is where the kids get to assemble around the Flag Pole and pray. 
I was with students at MHS this morning. A total of 8 kids showed up and 5 of the eight were from Truelite. Out of the whole student body, this was all WOW!!!! Also, there were only a few adults that showed up to support them. All of them were from Truelite. Where are the Christian children and their Christian Parents, Pastors, Community leaders, etc.
We want the Public School system to be better but if Christian people don't get out to events like this with their children? The world and its secular views will govern our schools! Most churches especially minority churches probably were not even informed by your leaders that this event was going on! And probably because they did not know themselves. We often wonder why our youth have a growing non-interest in Church? It is likely because the church has a non-interest in them. I promise you that if this were some athletic event adults would have been there yelling, screaming, and putting on a show!! Pushing their child to achieve!! But when it comes to the spiritual, NOTHING!!! 
I am amazed that the Christian Community does not get it!!! Somehow the modern church seems to believe that all is well and God will always take care of us!!! This is very foolish thinking!! If we do not take care to make God known! Then understand that He will take away His presence from among us and turn us over to our on ways, and you know what it's like when we are governed by our own foolish minds and hearts!!! 
My spirit is just disturbed this morning to see such Christian neglect concern our children's Christian up bringing😔

LORD PLEASE FORGIVE OUR M.I.A. Attitude as Christians. And stir our hearts to ACTION within our Community if we are to have any impact on this secular establishment called M. I.S.D.