Change Yourself. Change the World.

I want to say something here that is and will be very thought provoking I hope, for every Christian!!

If we are expected to change the world? Then we as Christians are going to have to change who we are? Our comfort zones, our daily routines, how we care to interact with others!! If you really want to make an impact!!
The only point I want to bring forward today for your consideration is this.... YOU might want to consider visiting other Church’s that are not primarily of your ethnic make up! And not just visit but become apart of it? If Christians are going to change the norm, then we are going to have to change, person by person, concept by concept, habit by habit. This is especially true in Midland, TX. People tend to hang with those who look like, act like, and are of the same economic position as we are. If Christians are going to make a real difference you are going to have to learn by practice to dwell with those who are not like you in any way! This kind of existing and interacting resolves racism on all sides!! We don’t like to talk about what it takes to be an affective, impactful Christian? Part of what it takes is that the Lord many times will call us away from our own as He did Abram(Abraham). We often want to do Christianity by our own rules never stretched out of our comfort zone. We never tend to desire Gods will over our own comfort and ease. We will never change what racism looks like in the world until we change what it looks like in our personal world and our daily schedule of who we are in relationship with!! There is a cost in Christianity and most Christians never consider that the Lord calls us to lead out where that change needs to be!! As Christians we are not making change fast enough in the world because change is not happening fast enough in us on a day to day basis in how we embrace and love others(particularly other races)!! It is not pronounced enough for the world to see that we are any different than it. 
Get out from among your own and make a difference!! We have done it at True-Lite Christian Fellowship and it has changed our lives as Christians. Black people, White people, Mexican people, etc., all worshipping together the God that we love!!! It is a beautiful thing, not an easy thing, but a beautiful portrait of what heaven will look like❤️. We do not act as though we are color-blind, we embrace our difference, acknowledging our difference, move through our difference and love each other anyway with no faking and shaking.
Consider it Christian and go make a difference out there!! 

- Pastor Roy Smith