Christians Must Pursue God

I am amazed at the number of Christians who tell me how much they love The Lord! Yet, as I watch them live out their lives, I see in them no real pursuit of God, nor any passion for the Word of God. Neither do I see any real want to make themselves accountable to anyone? But what I do see is those who live out their Christian lives believing that they can live footloose and fancy free, answering to no one!! And believing that this is okay with God! Church’s existing in autonomy, even they answer to no one? 
This is wrong!! As Christians we must know that being accountable is apart of making Christ real to the unbeliever! We are never taught in Scripture that we are to live unto ourselves. Being accountable and living responsibly in a world that is totally selfish and self centered is the attractiveness of our faith! People in our church’s need to know that if they live and do things in church that hurt the message of the cross? That they will be confronted with there sin! Loved!! But made accountable!! 
I’m just expressing here what I am feeling in my heart!! 
There are reasons why Church’s do not grow and one of them is that there is to much compromise and cowardice among those who lead our church’s. To see a person headed for destruction or living destructively and we do not warn them is not love at all!! It’s cowardice at its peak! 
Come on Church, we have got to get our act together!!! To much fun and frolic, to many senseless programs that promote talents and people above the Gospel message. To many programs that honor Men and Women in the name of God! To much foolery that is called Church is going on and being accepted as the real thing!
Now!! If the shoe don’t fit? Let this post go over your head. However, if it does? Own it!! And ask the Lord to give you strength to both do and be a better Christian brother or sister, or Church!

- Pastor Roy Smith