Wise or Otherwise?

Good morning to you who read this.

Sometimes I am made weary at the comments on Facebook by people who want to come off as HIGHLY intelligent! Yet, who do not have the Biblical sense of the Ant!!(the ant is used in a Biblical proverb, this is not intended as an insult as several people have already taken it)
Most of the Christian people I talk with when I move around from place to place don’t even know the difference between a reading Bible And a Study Bible? They cannot define terms like hermeneutics, general hermeneutics, special hermeneutics, canon, textual criticism, historical criticisms, exegesis, biblical theology, systematic theology, practical theology, and how these things work in relationship to biblical interpretation. Many of these Christian people have been in church for years and are no better off now then when they first excepted Christ as their Savior. Because Facebook gives many people an audience of people! That somehow seems to translate to the one posting that they own understand? I want you to here this “a fool can gather a congregation of people and a following”. Pastors, the Bible says are given to Equip their congregants for Ministry! There is very little of this going on in our churches. People are busy forever learning and not coming to the knowledge of the truth... so says the Bible. Many, many people get on Facebook and level their assertions with bible verses taken so out of context until it is shameful to even read. There is a science and an art to biblical interpretation! Many of you reading this have NO idea of what I am talking about and you have been in church for years and your church leaders for the most part have never even raised this reality to you in their preaching and teaching to you!
In the study of Scripture, the TASK of the one who is the exegete is to determine as closely as possible “what God meant in a particular passage”, rather than “what it means to me”. If YOU accept the view that the meaning of a text is “what it means to me”, if bible study is done this way then God’s Word can have as many meanings as it does readers. Such a position provides NO basis for right concluding of a text. The question to the Christian in study is “what is the authors intended meaning?”
Facebook is making many of you who think yourself wise look very, very otherwise!!

I’m thinking out loud about WHY it is that Christians cannot THINK WELL about Biblical interpretation?? And WHY Pastors are so slack in teaching their congregations how to????

- Pastor Roy Smith