A thought for 2019

I read a lot in this Social Media Forum that suggest to others to rid yourself of negative people and negativity. Let me say something to you, particularly those of you who are Christians to consider. While all the withdrawal language sounds good, or if said by certain people seems profound and even spiritual. If there is such thing as good(and there is) or such thing as evil(and there is) then there is also such things as positive and negative. It’s a way of life for the living!! It is an impossibility to rid one’s self of negativity or negative situations. Negative and Negativity(also called drama) are in any direction you move in this life, and there is no place you can run to neither is there any place you can hide from it! Life calls us to deal with these formations head on with the WORD of God!! If you are unequipped spiritually to face life then you hide in phrases like “I refuse to embrace negativity” or “remove negative people from your friend list”” and other such phrases as if you could!
The Bible teaches us to LOVE our enemies, not to figure out ways to avoid them! The Bible teaches us to PRAY for those who despitefully uses us, not to figure out ways to avoid them, to ignore them, to have nothing to do with them! Being Christian is not doing things as you want to make life easier for you! Christianity is doing and embracing the requirements of scripture no matter how much personal difficulty it causes you!! Because, after all, you claim to have surrendered your life to Christ, and that does not give way to avoiding the troubled waters of life. Those troubled waters will include going around and being in the company of negative people, full of drama, and who hate the sight of you! They hate you because of the Christ you love and are bent on your destruction!! But you must represent HIM Even at the cost of personal loss. 
Life is good sometimes and sometimes life is bad... life is positive sometimes and sometimes life is negative!! Pay attention to my next point here... change can happen all around you! But until it happens in you! Nothing in your life will be different for you!! God calls us as Christians to love the broken and messed up people just as much as you love those who look like they have it all together and in the inside they are broken and hurting as well, they just hide it better!!
This next year, be Christian rather than trying! Embrace the challenge of loving people( sometimes these people are our own family)rather than talking about ridding yourself of negativity. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!! Christianity is no joke! And what God requires of you must be sought after and pursued with haste and diligence, with no turning back!! God is simply asking you “are you in or out?)
The way to HEAVEN is not an easy road!!! And the road to HELL is paved with good intentions and leaves the hard part yet undone!!!
In 2019 WHO and WHAT will YOU be??
I Am thinking out LOUD about the Christian persuasion in 2019

- Pastor Roy Smith