All Pastors are not EQUAL

I’m thinking out LOUD about something I need you all to consider🙏🏽

I want to state a simple TRUTH that is over looked or ignored by Christians!!
What I am about to say is for those of you who are Christians ONLY!
It blows my mind that Preachers and even more specific, Pastors! Are considered by most as ALL EQUAL!!!! Here is a Truth WE are NOT ALL EQUAL! We do not all preach the same JESUS? We do not all hold people accountable? We are not all accountable to someone ourselves? Etc., etc. 
I grow weary of being lumped with other Ministers or Pastors as though I am the same as others. We all might have the same calling to preach!! But many of us are NOT preaching the same Biblical Truth!! And that leads to me saying, someone is wrong??? Jesus is not what preachers say He is, if what they say He is, is not what the Bible says He is!!!! Why is this so hard to see??? 
I am amazed that Christians, Church folk, will Amen just about anything said from a Preachers mouth!!! I am just overwhelmed at this!! The Church is not a Social Organization that gives handouts to people!! Although it does help people. It is designed to be a living and engaging ORGANISM, that breeds New Life, Change in the hearer!!. Preacher’s who preach the TRUTH often offend the hearer, until the hearer can accept the reality of the mirror image the preacher holds in front of them. The real gospel message of truth always hurts before it helps! Always!! But it becomes sweetness to the hearer seeking Gods LOVE and it ceases to be offensive. But a coward Preacher or Pastor will never get to this reality with those He shepherds or the general Public if he is afraid of them.
Preaching the Truth will either Compel people toward you and your message or it will drive them away from you all together.
I am not willing to be friends with anyone who I have to compromise the truth with! 
I am a very hard and serious Pastor on those that I shepherd! However, I never preach for people to go anywhere or do anything that I don’t first lead them through! I have failed many, many times in different areas of my life and ministry! But I will not move God’s standard just to look good as a Minister and Pastor before people. Because of this stance I am rejected by many especially my own ethnic persuasion. 
I have more to say but will stop here, I believe I have made it clear for those who care to see things rightly!
Many Many Ministers and Pastors are not preaching the same Jesus? YOU better learn the difference??

- Pastor Roy Smith